THE FRIENDSHIP KEY to Lasting Peace, United Communities, Stronger Relationships, Equality, and a Better Job! offers practical and inventive solutions on how to genuinely connect–to ourselves, others and the environment. Read more.

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In The Friendship Key, Sedhoff explains how man has keenly exaggerated his need for power and wealth, so much so that his inner unleashed beast has endangered himself, the people he loves, and the society as a whole. A ruthless pursuit of prosperity and status had changed man’s priorities and distanced him from the things that really makes his life worthwhile: most important among them is having meaningful relationships. As a social animal, man’s desire to be valued, noticed, appreciated, heard, sameness, validated /approved, respected, cared for, supported, and protected: his desire of the Ten Desires, is copious….The book offers eye-opening insights to help readers sort out their priorities and build meaningful relationships, build-up business success to global standards, eliminate injustice, hate, and racism and bring communities together, and ultimately rid governments of corruption by restoring them to the people. Read more.

- The Prairies Book Review.

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“I truly enjoyed reading this book and found it to be an excellent resource. I would highly recommend this book to people who enjoy reading self-help books or are feeling like they need help with their relationship to friendship.”

“An impressive, meaningful, and engaging read, I would definitely recommend reading this book. This topic has never been more relevant. I definitely think that this book is worth five stars.”

“This book is an excellent and relevant tool in today's society.”

“A book that is so earnest in its desire to help its readers is a beautiful thing, and I truly felt like I gained a lot from reading this book. I would highly recommend this book to anyone who enjoys a meaningful self-help book. I hope that you enjoy reading this book as much as I did. I give this book five stars.”

“This book was clearly written with passion and expertise and makes for a very engaging read. This book could not have come at a more important time, and I would definitely recommend it as a must read, especially if you are struggling with feeling isolated. I really enjoyed reading this book and think it is definitely worth five stars.”

“I not only found the book fascinating to read but really appreciated the perspective that Dr. Sedhoff was able to bring to the book as a family physician and counselor. It was a refreshing and unique take about just how much friendships affect our life, health, and happiness. It is a perspective that I have not seen before but found myself almost instantly connecting to and agreeing with. Dr. Sedhoff claims no ability to fix the problem through this book, but I do think that this book is a great place to start to begin changing the way we even view friendship in society.”

“The facts, tips, and elements of history that Dr. Sedhoff uses to make this book as detailed and informative as possible are woven into the text in a way that almost made me feel like I was having a conversation with the author rather than reading a textbook. The book itself is very well-written, easy to follow, and astoundingly packed with data. I found the book to be a very useful and important tool for myself and think it will be a helpful reader to just about anyone that picks it up. A wonderful five-star read.”

“I went into this book with no real expectation of what I was getting into. I was intrigued by the concept, but I was not anticipating the meaningful, heartfelt, and wonderfully written book that I opened.”