The Simplicity of Happiness

There is a fundamental simplicity we can recognise to achieving lasting human happiness – a life filled with deep, persistent, satisfaction, peace, meaning, and contentment. 

·      We are human

·      Human beings are adapted to survive in the natural world

·      To survive in the natural world we have basic – fundamental – human drives or motivations that ensure we do the minimum necessary to survive as a people. For example, desires of hunger, thirst, to find shelter, have families etc. 

·      Satisfy these basic desires – or see how we will satisfy them – and we get a pleasant sensation/s – from feeling ok to experiences of great joy

·      Don’t satisfy these basic – or see how we won’t satisfy them – and we feel an unpleasant sensation/s – from the experience of being uncomfortable to downright miserable, deep heart, or depressed

·      The life circumstance or condition that seems to satisfy all these basic desires best is in among a peaceful, close, tribe – among close, trusted, emotionally connected friends not at war or under the threat of others

Among our busy lives and all the science, popular psychology, deep philosophy and religious belief our essence is very simple – our very nature cries out to be the fulfilment of being human. We struggle when we don’t recognise and satisfy the basic honesty of the deep feelings of the basics of our humanity we can recognise in our hearts. 

Are you trying to be something other than human; superior, detached, unemotional – an automaton or some greater or lesser being? Are you working to satisfy your humanity; ensuring your basic human needs are met? Are there holes missing in the experience of your humanity?

How does that feel? 

We often search for complex solutions to our unhappiness. Some of us even try to buy it. What if the solution is found in the honest simplicity of our hearts - within us, in what we feel deep inside - in the fundamentals of our humanity?